Cadet Sergeant


Rank: Cadet Sergeant
Abbreviation: Cdt Sgt
Addressed as: Sergeant

Cadets who excel in the role of Cadet Corporal may be selected for further promotion to Cadet Sergeant, this is the first Senior NCO (SNCO) rank.  Suitable candidates are selected by the Squadron SNCOs and Commander who may set additional requirements.  In addition to the requirements for Cadet Corporal, a Cadet Sergeant should be able to:

a. Accept a greater amount of responsibility, show initiative and inspire confidence.
b. Display a sound understanding of the role and organisation of the Corps.
c. Take an active part in the organisation of squadron activities.

Typically a Cadet Sergeant will:

  • Have passed the Senior Cadet examination
  • Have an excellent attendance record
  • Have attended a Leadership Course