Cadet Warrant Officer


Rank: Cadet Warrant Officer
Abbreviation: CWO
Addressed as: Cadet Warrant Officer

The highest rank a cadet can achieve is Cadet Warrant Officer. A CWO is a junior manager and should possess outstanding ability and personal qualities. A CWO should have a wide experience of ATC activities, and have a thorough knowledge of the organisation of the Corps. Service as a CWO gives excellent experience for possible subsequent adult uniformed service.

To be eligible for promotion to CWO a Cadet must be aged 18+ and have attained the Master Air Cadet Classification.  Suitable candidates are selected by the Squadron Commander, they must then pass a selection board interview at Wing Headquarters.  The selection board president is usually OC Wing, he is joined by two other members who can be either Wing Staff Officers or experienced Squadron Commanders.